💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫

💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫

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For the fully recovered body, Phase 3 is your fitness home. Athletic Workouts that include Rachel's BLISS workout, yoga flow, barre, fine muscle toning and abdominal challenges. Roll out your mat and get ready to sweat and have fun!
Props Used In Phase 3 : RM Essentials Kit (soft foam roller, pilates ball, resistance band, small foot ball) + optional hand weights and wrist weights

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💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫
  • Sculpt Series Glutes : 10 Min.

    Episode 1

    Tone, sculpt and integrate your glutes, low back waist and core in this booty burning series.
    Props: Dumbells

  • Sculpt Series Arms + Abs : 12 Min.

    Episode 2

    Tone, sculpt and integrate your arms, back + shoulder strength with a deep core shredding series.
    Props: Dumbells

  • Upper Body Floor Toning: 30-min

    Episode 3

    An upper body, glute, thigh and ab sequence on the ground - a slow, deep burnout that you'll love.
    Props: Blue band

  • Waist Taper + Tone: 30 Min.

    Episode 4

    Tone and taper your entire waist, ribcage + upper glutes in this dynamic yoga flow.
    Props : Blue band

  • Upper Body Sculpt + Flow : 20 Min.

    Episode 5

    This Phase 3 workout begins with a long ab, glute and arm sequence on the floor, then builds quickly into some light yoga flow that finishes with cardio bursts for the perfect 20 - min. workout.

  • Full Body Floor Sculpting : 25 Min.

    Episode 6

    Teaching you how to integrate your core actively and intentionally into your power muscles, this sculpting series will quickly improve your muscle tone while translating into better results from all of your favorite workouts.
    Props: Hand Weights + Soft Pilates Ball

  • Glute + Thigh Sculpting : 12 Min.

    Episode 7

    A quick, focused burnout for your thighs and booty with an abdominal topper that leaves you feeling strong and connected.
    Props: Blue Resistance Band

  • Glute Burnout : 20 Min.

    Episode 8

    Burn out your glutes with standing + floor work woven into a light yoga flow.
    Props: Resistance band

  • Lower Body Sculpt + Yoga Flow : 23 Min.

    Episode 9

    Sculpt, tone + ground yourself in this thigh burner yoga flow. Integrating long muscle toning moves with isolated core sequences, this is a perfect full body burn out that leaves you lengthened, relaxed and energerized.
    Props: Optional 1-Yoga Block

  • 360 Abs + Glut Shred, 12 Min.

    Episode 10

    A perfect core and glute shred to do on its own or stack with another workout for some extra spice.
    Props: Blue band

  • Full Body Shred + Sculpt, 24 Min

    Episode 11

    A long, lean, full body sculpting series that will leave you panting for breath. Building from the ground up, Rachel slowly shreds your abs, arms, glutes and thighs while pumping you full of inspiration and endorphins!
    Props: Hand weights + small towel

  • 3/14 : Full Body Sculpt w/ Weights : 33 Min.

    Episode 12

    Grab your hand weights and join Rachel for this Phase 3, full body sculpt + shred. Springtime is for grounding and there's no better way to feel rooted than by flexing and using your muscle power.

  • Abs + Glutes w/ Weights : 16 Min.

    Episode 13

    Grab your ankle weights and meet me on the mat for the perfect 360 ab and glute shred. You'll want to tack this workout onto your favorite yoga flows, hit it after a run and do it on repeat to sculpt and taper your waist.
    Props : Optional Ankle weights

  • Lower Body Beach Sculpt : 20 Min.

    Episode 14

    The perfect workout for your spring break, or to just feel like you're on spring break! Grab your blue band and join Rachel for a 360 lower body burn out!

  • Standing Arm + Waist Sculpt : 17 Min.

    Episode 15

    A perfect cardio pumping, standing arm workout that you will make you feel alive and strong.
    Props: Resistance Band and Optional hand weights or bala bands

  • ✨NEW✨ Upper Body Beach Burn, 17 Min.

    Episode 16

    Light up your arms, chest and back while freeing your shoulders and neck for a day of sand castles and wave hopping.
    Props: Resistance band