💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫

💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫

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For the fully recovered body, Phase 3 is your fitness home. Athletic Workouts that include Rachel's BLISS workout, yoga flow, barre, fine muscle toning and abdominal challenges. Roll out your mat and get ready to sweat and have fun!
Props Used In Phase 3 : RM Essentials Kit (soft foam roller, pilates ball, resistance band, small foot ball) + optional hand weights and wrist weights

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💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫
  • Cardio Sculpt : 31 Min.

    Episode 1

    Reset your body and elevate your day with this spicy, cardio pumping workout. Weaving jump squats, Burpees, mountain climbers + push ups with body-weight sculpting, dive into a total game changing workout that will leave you blissed out.
    No Props.

  • Week 6 : Cardio Burn + Sculpt

    Episode 2

    The best 20 min. of your day to completely recharge, reset and energize you. This spicy workout begins with a light full body warm up, layers intensity with dynamic jump squats, mountain climbers, push ups and heart pumping cardio - with booty and ab sculpt intervals sprinkled in for the perfect ...