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Welcome to Revolution Motherhood™ Your Fitness Home

Discover why Rachel's 3-phase, doctor recommended fitness method has attracted a cult following in NYC + is universally declared to be the most effective on-line fitness program to guide you from early postpartum to active athlete.

Integrating soft foam rolling, yoga, barre, pilates, cardio, sculpting, meditation and whole core toning, Rachel's workouts meet your physical, mental and emotional daily mom-needs in every video.

The result is an easeful, strong, fitness lifestyle for every mom.

Ranging in length from 10 min. to 60 min., each video supports a daily movement practice that’s realistic for your busy mom life, yields lasting results in your body, calms your mind + opens your heart.

Start your free trial today and jump into Rachel's Thursday LIVE STREAMS.


Phase 1 compliments beautifully with pelvic PT treatment and is highly effective for strengthening and supporting your recovery from diastasis recti, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Through 4 weeks, you'll learn breath-based core activation to strengthen your pelvic floor, abs, back and rib cage while using a soft foam roller to release tension and sooth your nervous system.

Repeat this phase as frequently as needed.

If you take a break in exercise, dip back into this series to kickstart your routine safely + effectively. Phase 1 is for you if you are: newly postpartum, have had a break from exercise, or have an active fitness program, but want to be getting better results out of your workouts.


Phase Two is Revolution Motherhood’s secret sauce. Unlike anything else in the postnatal fitness world, Phase Two is the bridge you need to move beyond subtle, internal work into training for higher-intensity workouts. Through increasing intensity, learn how to integrate your deep core awareness into strength and stamina challenges. Planks, sit ups and push ups begin to enter your workouts - all taught so that you can navigate your body's personal needs and injury modifications.

PHASE 3: Active Athlete

Phase 3 is your fitness home, where you’ll find all of your favorite boutique workouts like barre, bootcamp, yoga flows, sculpting and ab shred.

All of these workouts continue to reinforce your new expert body awareness and translate into any of your favorite pursuits: from running marathons to running after your kids at the playground.

Sit, Roll + Restore

Stress reduction, deep breathing, soft foam rolling, stretching and mediation:  This series is perfect for when you're achy, getting ready for bed or just need to lie down and feel supported.

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  • Connect + Repattern : 32 min.

    1 video

    Learn how to align your pelvis, ribs and shoulders to achieve the best core activation possible. Layering on earlier Week 1 videos, this workout takes your breath-based core workouts to an expert level with leg lifts, fascial release and waist stabilizing exercises.

  • Arm Sculpting : 11 Min.

    1 video

    Isometric arm toning builds layered strength while releasing your shoulders.
    Props: Hand Weights

    Isometric arm toning builds layered strength in your upper body integrated with your core and trunk muscles. This is an exceptional strength building sequence as you transition from Phase 1 to 2.

  • Breath for Abdominal Strength : 21 Min.

    1 video

    Using breath for abdominal strength + cardio preparation
    Props: Soft foam roller + Blue band

    This workout bridges you from deep, 3-dimensional breathing into learning how to use a breath to recruit sustained strength. Revisiting the concept of intra-abdominal pressure with the band, this sequen...

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