Diastasis Recti Strength + Repair 7-Video Program

Diastasis Recti Strength + Repair 7-Video Program

This 7-Video Workout Program is educational fitness at its best to empower you with the knowledge, tools and daily workout schedule to strengthen your middle belly and recover a fully functional, strong torso. Diastasis Recti Strength and Repair works in concert with your pelvic PT exercises and treatment. It is also the series you need if you have an active fitness lifestyle, but want a targeted, inner core workout. This program features props out of the RM Essentials Kit, but can be done using props you already have at home as well.

Diastasis Recti Strength + Repair 7-Video Program
  • Day 1: Understanding Diastasis Recti

    Learn the anatomy of your abdominal wall and condition of Diastais Recti. Rachel's ground breaking approach will guide you, step by step, to accurately asses the strength of your abdominal wall and personalize your strength and recovery program.

  • Day 1: Assessing Your Midline Strengh

    Rachel guides you step by step in opening up your back, relaxing with deep belly breaths and isolating your Transversus Abdominals in order to get the best and most accurate measurement of your DR 'gap'.
    Props: Optional Soft Foam Roller

  • Day 4 + 5 : Transverse Abdominal Strength + Stability : 22 Min.

    Learn the essential foundation of your core, how to use breath to isolate and engage your TVA for strength + stability in your entire trunk. This sequence is essential for strengthening Diastasis Recti and is your launch pad to external core exercises like planks and sit ups.

  • Day 5 + 6 : Glute + Core Strength Integration : 10 Min.

    Establish strong and lifted glutes with this fun, focused sequence that will challenge your balance and re-educate your core strength and stamina. This is an excellent workout for strengthening diastasis recti, lifting your booty and building up to phase 2 exercises link plank and mountain climb...

  • Day 7 : Transversus Abdominal Full Body Integration : 22 Min.

    Gathering your TVA into activated full core strength, glute and upper body integration, this workout will quickly become one of your favorites.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller
    Optional Soft Pilates Ball

  • Day 3 + 4 : Transverus Ab. + Glute Strength : 20 Min.

    Taking TVA activation to the next level, we begin to integrate leg lifts + pelvic rotation stabilizing exercises. This workout is the linchpin for you leg + glute strength + retrains you to walk, climb stairs and run with stability and core connection.
    Props: 2 Yoga Blocks

  • Tapering Your Waist: 18 Min.

    Re-establish your fully functional trunk through this internal-external strength calibrating workout. Using the resistance band, we begin to re-educate and strengthen your inner abs (TVA) with external strength (6-pack, chest and back).
    Props: Blue Resistance Band

  • Weekly Schedule + Bonus Mindful Mom Guidelines

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