✨FREE✨ REVOLUTION WEEK : Start the HABIT w/ Rachel's 7-Day Program

✨FREE✨ REVOLUTION WEEK : Start the HABIT w/ Rachel's 7-Day Program

Experience the transformational power of the Revolution Motherhood fitness method for yourself. 7 Days, 10-15 min. daily workouts that progressively re-educate + strengthen your entire body from the inside - out. Elevate your entire life and motherhood wherever you are in your mom-journey. Grab a hand towel, some space on the floor and PRESS PLAY. ✨Bonus✨ Daily inspirational emails from Rachel to keep you motivated + on track!

✨FREE✨ REVOLUTION WEEK : Start the HABIT w/ Rachel's 7-Day Program
  • Welcome to REVOLUTION WEEK!

    Rachel's personal welcome message to kick start your week of fun!

  • Day 1: Educating + Activating Your Deep Core

    Rachel kicks your week off by tackling the big topics of motivation + how to set yourself up for success this week - all while activating + educating your deep abdominal wall. * These deep corset muscles form the baseline of strength training that we'll be building onto all week.*
    Props Needed: ...

  • Day 2 : Strength Training Your Deep Core

    Today's workout teaches you Rachel's magic core formula where you learn exactly how to engage and use your deep core for strength. The results are immediate - your mom-belly will begin to move inward, taper and flex - and translate right away into all of your mom lifting, bending and bouncing!

  • Day 3 : Your Bootie Activated

    All those big mom movements of bouncing, sitting, walking + standing are rooted in your butt muscles. Today's workout completely frees your hips and gets that bootie firing with your abs to create a strong, stable center. Your back pain will dissolve and your baby bouncing magically becomes a b...

  • Day 4 : Bootie Burner

    Half way through the week! Rachel tackles TIME and how to successfully show up consistently for your daily workouts while lighting the fire in your newly activated booty and ab muscles. Have fun with this one as the heat turns up!
    Props : floor space and a hand towel

  • Day 5 : Ribs + Upper Back Awakening

    Now that your lower body is turned on, we're moving up to your ribs, shoulders and upper back muscles. Releasing chronic areas of mom-tension gives way to deep breathing, rib mobility and the upper body strength. You'll feel like you can relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and then we'll t...

  • Day 6 : Side Body + 360 Core

    It's strength challenge time as we integrate your newly educated body into 360 degree mobility, strength and side body sculpting. This workout hits your glutes, abs, side waist and upper body all in one life-elevating workout.
    Props: Floor space

  • Day 7 : Knitting It All Together

    Have fun, sweat it out and enjoy flexing your new body, knowledge as Rachel guides you into how to turn this week into the fitness habit of your lifetime.
    Props: a hand towel + floor and wall space