30 Minutes

30 Minutes

3 Seasons

A full 30-minutes of workout time. Go get it Mama!

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30 Minutes
  • Signature - Lower Body Flow : 30 Min.

    Episode 1

    Props : Yoga Block
    A powerful thigh, glute and hamstring sequence, balance challenges + yoga bursts

  • Signature : 30-min Vinyasa Flow

    Episode 2

  • Tue. 10/6, 12pm Signature 30 Min.

    Episode 3

  • Tue. 9/29, 12pm Signature 30 Min.

    Episode 4

  • Yoga Flow Shoulders + Low Back Opening : 30 Min.

    Episode 5

    Phase 3: The perfect 30 Min. yoga flow that begins with a sun salute warm up, flowing standing poses and vinyasas that layer in arm binds, twisting and soft hip opening.
    No Props.

  • Barre : Full Body : 31 min.

    Episode 6

    Phase 3 Barre : Standing warm up, thighs + glutes lead to long deep arm toning, ab + glute work on the floor. Ending with a sweet cool down and floor stretch.
    Props: Hand Weights + Optional chair

  • Barre : Full Body + Core Intervals : 32 min.

    Episode 7

    Ab and arm warm up on the floor with standing thighs + glutes, finishing with a sweet cool down and stretch.
    Props : Hand Weights + 1 Yoga Block, Optional Chair

  • Barre Thighs + Abs : 33 min.

    Episode 8

    This full body Barre sequence begins with long, deep core work on the ground that layers in your quads, glutes and upper body for a complete body connection and burn-out sequence. This is an exceptional workout for deepening your strength relationships in your body that will translate into all o...

  • Signature Full Body 35 Min.

    Episode 9

    No props needed for this soulful, full body sweat fest. Yoga flow, mountain climbers, push ups and sit ups come together for the perfect, mom-loving workout.

  • Phase 3 Waist Taper + Tone: 30 Min.

    Episode 10

    Tone and taper your entire waist, ribcage + upper glutes in this dynamic yoga flow.
    Props : Blue band