30 Minutes

30 Minutes

3 Seasons

A full 30-minutes of workout time. Go get it Mama!

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30 Minutes
  • Signature - Lower Body Flow : 30 Min.

    Episode 1

    Props : Yoga Block
    A powerful thigh, glute and hamstring sequence, balance challenges + yoga bursts

  • Tue. 10/6, 12pm Signature 30 Min.

    Episode 2

    A dynamic cardio burn with long muscle toning intervals.
    No Props.

  • Tue. 9/29, 12pm Signature 30 Min.

    Episode 3

  • Signature Full Body 35 Min.

    Episode 4

    No props needed for this soulful, full body sweat fest. Yoga flow, mountain climbers, push ups and sit ups come together for the perfect, mom-loving workout.

  • Waist Taper + Tone: 30 Min.

    Episode 5

    Tone and taper your entire waist, ribcage + upper glutes in this dynamic yoga flow.
    Props : Blue band

  • Full Body Barre : 33 Min.

    Episode 6

    A perfect Barre sequence that burns out your thigh, glute and core relationships through each exercise. This will quickly become one of your favorite go-to full body workouts.
    Props: Hand weights

  • Whole Body Barre : 33 Min.

    Episode 7

    Infused with precise instruction and multi body part exercises this full body barre workout cultivates balance, full body toning + yields the best sculpting results. Burn out your thighs, glutes, arms and abs with a little cardio to boost.
    Props: Hand weights

  • Full Body Sculpting Barre : 30 Min.

    Episode 8

    Beginning on the floor with a full upper body, ab and glute toning sequence, this barre sequence will burn your major muscles out and leave you breathing hard on standing thigh and leg work. Finish with a sweet stretch and feel how much more energy you have for the rest of your day.
    Props: Hand ...

  • Barre Full Body: 30 Min.

    Episode 9

    Take this barre workout on the road with you as you layer on thigh, glute, ab, upper body and balance work for the perfect, full body workout.
    No Props

  • Cardio Sculpt : 31 Min.

    Episode 10

    Reset your body and elevate your day with this spicy, cardio pumping workout. Weaving jump squats, Burpees, mountain climbers + push ups with body-weight sculpting, dive into a total game changing workout that will leave you blissed out.
    No Props.

  • Mindfulness Yoga Flow: 39 Min.

    Episode 11

    Open your heart and breath in this soulful yoga flow. Guiding you through long, deep vinyasa flows, Rachel deeply brings your body, breath, mind and heart into harmony.
    No Props.

  • 2/1 Cardio Interval + Sculpt, 38 Min.

    Episode 12

    Happy February! Get ready to sweat this month with high and low impact, Phase 3, cardio sculpt. Breathe hard, burn hard and release it all with a sweet stretch to send you back into your day.
    Props: Optional wrist weights