💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫

💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫

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For the fully recovered body, Phase 3 is your fitness home. Athletic Workouts that include Rachel's BLISS workout, yoga flow, barre, fine muscle toning and abdominal challenges. Roll out your mat and get ready to sweat and have fun!
Props Used In Phase 3 : RM Essentials Kit (soft foam roller, pilates ball, resistance band, small foot ball) + optional hand weights and wrist weights

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💫 Phase 3 : Cross Training Your Fit Mom Life 💫
  • Full Body Yoga Flow : 20 Min.

    Episode 1

    No Props needed for this full body, sweet, sweaty vinyasa flow that will open your hips, heart and mind.

  • Morning Yoga Flow : 12 Min.

    Episode 2

    Start your day with intention, breath and a sweet, full body yoga flow. Meet your emotional, mental and physical mom-needs with this 12-min, all Phase yoga flow. It's the perfect start to your day.
    No Props.

  • Lunchtime Yoga Flow : 21 Min.

    Episode 3

    The perfect yoga flow of deep stretching, intention setting, mindful breathing, powerful vinyasas, hip opening and Rachel's inspiring heart messages to uplift your mom mind and body.
    No Props.

  • Evening Yoga Flow : 22 Min.

    Episode 4

    The perfect transitional flow to move from work to family and bedtime. Slow flow with long deep stretching, hip opening and savasana.
    No Props.

  • Week 4: Full Body Yoga Flow

    Episode 5

    This is the Yoga Flow you'll want to do every day. An inspiring, full body sequence infused with mindfulness, intention and self love. A grounding warm up leads into heating standing poses, vinyasas, core challenges, a light headstand moment + finishing with a spicy ab sequence, hip opening and...

  • Mindfulness Yoga Flow: 39 Min.

    Episode 6

    Open your heart and breath in this soulful yoga flow. Guiding you through long, deep vinyasa flows, Rachel deeply brings your body, breath, mind and heart into harmony.
    No Props.

  • Week 4: Thighs, Abs + Yoga Flow, 20 Min.

    Episode 7

    Layering light yoga flow with abs, thighs, glutes + balance challenges, this will quickly become one of your favorite workouts in your weekly rotation.
    Props: 1 yoga block

  • Day 3 : Yoga RE-SET

    Episode 8

    'Feel the Yes' : This is sweetest re-set for any day. A full body yoga flow that leaves you open, nature bathed with just the right amount of sweat.
    No Props.

  • The Present Moment : Vinyasa Yoga Flow

    Episode 9

    A releasing vinayasa yoga flow with guided mindfulness, tons of hip opening and big dose of sweat and sweetness.
    No Props

  • Flow + Invert 'Parallel Shafts of Light'

    Episode 10

    'Light becomes what it touches' - Bringing all of the pieces from this month together, shoulders, back and core come together as you learn how to approach going upside down: physically + spiritually.
    Props: Blue band

  • BLISS Yoga Flow 'Movement is medicine'

    Episode 11

    'Consciousness becoming wisdom' as we wrap up our March theme of embodied movement + motherhood.
    No Props needed for a classic Signature Flow with mountain climbers, squats, vinyasa, plenty of core + glutes.