Rachel's Thursday 10am Live Stream Workout Series

Rachel's Thursday 10am Live Stream Workout Series

Join Rachel every week as she mixes phases and takes deep dives into teaching you how to move well, have fun, workout for best results and utilize the concepts of all 3 Phases of the RM Method. Join her every Thursday at 10am Est. for the perfect 30-min. of cross training, muscle sculpt, laughter + inspiration.

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Rachel's Thursday 10am Live Stream Workout Series
  • 10am LIVE 9/28 : Strong Back + Core

    Part 3 of our back series this month, pulls all of the threads together with a little yoga, sculpting and shoulder/chest mobility for a 30-min. workout that will leave you feeling light, energized and ready to tackle the day.

  • *NEW* 9/21 10am Thursday Live : Low Back, Waist + Rib Sculpt

    Building on last week's shoulder work, this workout leads you down into low back waist release, activation and complete burn out = sacrum pain relief and back strength that you can rely on all day in everything you do!
    Props: Light wrist weights and pilates ball

  • 9/14 : Part 1: Back Strength + Mobility

    September is all about your back body, posture, shoulder strength and booty! The first of this 3-part series releases your shoulder blades, engages your back waist and lats. Feel that cranky mom-shoulder release, be able to turn your head without pain and strength train your mid back so you can...

  • 7/27 : Cardio + Sculpt Intervals

    Join Rachel for her last Live Stream of the Summer. Bringing together all of the threads of July with interval plyometrics (jumps), balance, cardio and sculpting. You'll be panting for breath as we laugh through a magic summer workout together.
    Props: Pilates Ball (optional)

  • 7/20 : Full Body Barre + Sculpt

    Grab your light weights or Bala Bands and meet Rachel at the barre (or outside on her deck) for this full-body barre + sculpt. You will sweat, breathe and be sore for a few days....have fun!

  • 7/13 : Upper Abs, Waist + Shoulder Sculpt

    Join Rachel for a upper body focused sculpting workout - streaming live from her outdoor, nature oasis in upstate NY.
    Optional props: Bala Bands or light hand weights

  • 7/6 : 'Long + Lean' Lower Body

    Welcome to Rachel's Summer Sculpting Series. Every Live Stream in July will be a long, lean sculpting sequence - in nature!
    Lower body focused, burn out your glutes, abs + thighs with this body weight-only workout.

  • 6/22 : Part 4 The Secrets of Yoga : Breath + Core

    Building on this month's yoga series, we're turning up the heat with 'yoga breathing' and Rachel teaches you how to use your breath to generate deep core strength for arm balancing, power + relaxation.
    No Props.

  • 6/15 : Part 3 The Secrets of Yoga, Standing Poses

    Dive into standing poses + learn how to orient your feet and pelvis for optimal strength and length. Protect your knees and strengthen your hips, inner thighs and waist while beginning to flow from open to closed poses with ease.

    Props: Soft foam roller

  • 6/8 : Part 2 of The Secrets of Yoga : The Vinyasa, 32 Min.

    Part 2: Bring your soft foam roller and learn how to build a strong vinyasa step by step: plank, chaturanga, baby cobra, upward facing dog
    + jumping. Feel how light the vinyasa can feel while you build strength, enjoy flowing through your practice and protect your back, wrists and neck!

  • 6/1 : Part 1-The Secrets of Yoga, 32 Min.

    Bring your blue roller and dive into June with Rachel as she unlocks the secrets of yoga.

    Part 1: Sun Salutes! Learn how to lunge to and from down dog, use your abs and upper thigh muscles to orient your legs + build forward bending from your back body.

  • 4/27: Part 4: Your Fully Tapered Waist + Authentic Self , 36 Min.

    The final video in our April, 4-part series, brings all of the pieces of your trunk together in a core burning, embodied workout, You are invited to dream big - imagining your life pain free, with a core that engages easily as you dive into the many adventures of life and motherhood. Tune in an...

  • 4/20, Part 3 of your 360 Core : Side Waist Sculpting, 34 Min.

    Cultivating present awareness + a sculpted side waist and back. You'll feel this one on all levels!
    Props: Blue Band

  • 4/13 : Part 2, Taper Your Waist, 6-Pack + Back Sculpting, 33-Min.

    Layering onto Part 1 + your TVA, Part 2 brings in your a deeper exploration of a strong, authentic self through a strong centered body with accessing your 6-pack, obliques + back muscles.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller

  • 4/6 : Cultivating A New Concept of Self, Part 1 - TVA Strength, 35 min.

    April is the month of cultivating your authentic self through building a strong, functional core. The first of a 4-part series, this workout engages + strength trains your transversus abdominals with breath-based exercises.
    Props: Soft foam roller + pilates ball

  • 3/30 Signature Yoga Flow 'Movement is medicine', 38 Min.

    'Consciousness becoming wisdom' as we wrap up our March theme of embodied movement + motherhood.
    No Props needed for a classic Signature Flow with mountain climbers, squats, vinyasa, plenty of core + glutes.

  • 3/16 : Flow + Invert 'Parallel Shafts of Light' Phase 2-3, 30 Min.

    'Light becomes what it touches' - Bringing all of the pieces from this month together, shoulders, back and core come together as you learn how to approach going upside down: physically + spiritually.
    Props: Blue band

  • 3/9 : Interval Strength + Sculpting, 33 Min.

    Bring your hand weights and pilates ball for interval strength and sculpting. Identifying weaknesses in small, stabilizing muscles of the shoulder, back, side waist and ribs, you will feel a whole new level of core activating after this workout.
    Props: Hand weights + pilates ball

  • 3/2 : Spring Intentions, Phase 2-3, 35 Min.

    Bring your blue band as we begin the month with strong, embodied intentions for Spring. Isolated, single sided strength exercises to improve posture, overall core performance and relieve back and neck tension.
    Props: Blue resistance band

  • 2/23, Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Phases 2-3, 34 Min.

  • 2/16 Full Body Sculpt, Phases 2-3, 33 Min.

    Grab your hand weights for this full body taper and sculpt workout. Hitting every major muscle and finishing with a long ab shred, you'll feel sore in all the best ways.

  • 2/9 Phase 2- Heart Opening + Back Strength, 31 Min.

    Release your Winter shoulders + learn how to backbend with strength for a lifetime of spine and heart health.
    Props: Soft Pilates Ball

  • 2/2, Lower Body Roll - It - Out, 38 Min.

    Grab your roller and meet Rachel for the best 30-min. of your day. This deep, mindful hip, pelvis and low back releasing sequence leaves you with a grounded relaxation for your entire body.
    Props: Soft foam roller, small foot ball + soft pilates ball

  • 1/26, Phases 2-3 Full Body Sculpt, 34 min.

    Glutes, thighs, abs and arms : this sweet workout will light your whole body up.
    Props: blue resistance band and hand weights