Rachel's Thursday 10am Live Stream Workout Series

Rachel's Thursday 10am Live Stream Workout Series

Join Rachel every week as she mixes phases and takes deep dives into teaching you how to move well, have fun, workout for best results and utilize the concepts of all 3 Phases of the RM Method. Join her every Thursday at 10am Est. for the perfect 30-min. of cross training, muscle sculpt, laughter + inspiration.

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Rachel's Thursday 10am Live Stream Workout Series
  • 3/14 : Full Body Sculpt w/ Weights : 33 Min.

    Grab your hand weights and join Rachel for this Phase 3, full body sculpt + shred. Springtime is for grounding and there's no better way to feel rooted than by flexing and using your muscle power.

  • 2/29 : Sweet Yoga Flow, 30 Min.

    Grab your yoga mat and join Rachel for a sweet yoga flow to kiss Februrary good buy and gear up for Spring! Phases 2-3

  • 2/22 : Floor Sculpt with Weights : 15 Min.

    We're sweating our way through February! Grab your wrist weights and get ready for the perfect full body, floor sculpting series. Phase 3

  • 2/1 Cardio Interval + Sculpt, 38 Min.

    Happy February! Get ready to sweat this month with high and low impact, Phase 3, cardio sculpt. Breathe hard, burn hard and release it all with a sweet stretch to send you back into your day.
    Props: Optional wrist weights

  • 1/25 : Back + Booty Ab Shred

    Grab your blue band and join Rachel for the 3rd part of her January Ab Shred series. Building on last week's rib tapering, this workout unlocks the connection between your glutes and low back muscles, for a lifted booty, strong waist and total relief from chronic low back pain.

  • 1/18 : Ribs + Upper Ab Tapering

    Part 2 of Rachel's January Ab Shred Series : today's workout will target the upper abs, ribcage and mid back - for mobility and strength. This is a tricky area to unstick and integrate, so dive in and learn Rachel's secrets to success that will open your tense mom-back, help you breathe deeper a...

  • 1/11 : Ab Shred, Building Strength through Phase 1-3

    Your new favorite Ab Shred is here - for all phases - Rachel layers your transversus abs activation into challenging Phase 2 + 3 waist tapering - progressive core strength never felt so good!
    Props: Pilates Ball and Blue Band

  • 11/23 Thanksgiving 'BLISS' Flow. 46 min.

    Wherever your holiday plans take you - Let's begin it together! Cultivating a deep feeling of gratitude through a full hour of sweat, breath, flow and big muscle burn-out. Bring your yoga mat, put your airpods in and move your body, heart, mind and spirit with me.