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Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

⭐️ Phase 1 : 8 Week FOUNDATIONS, 360 Recovery + Strength ⭐️

Day 1: Upper Body Re-Education : Arm + Shoulder Strength


Up Next in Week 3 : Shoulders, Ribs + Upper Body

  • Day 2 : Upper Body + Rib Stabilization

    Crucial to posture and being able to hold weight in your arms (aka your baby) without collapsing, this video begins to rebuild your entire upper abdominal strength, backs of your arms, lats and back waist.
    Props: Soft foam roller + Pilates ball

  • Day 3 : Beginning Yoga Flow : 18 Min.

    Perfect for newly post partum mamas, this gentle yoga flow leaves you feeling open + balanced while beginning to re-educate your movements through your center belly. Weaving together gentle sun salutes, shoulder opening, back rotations, standing poses + hip release, you'll feel open, relaxed + ...

  • Day 4 Transverus Ab. + Rib Strength :...

    The next step in your TVA strength is this waist toning sequence. Through breath based guided moves, we begin to integrate resistance with the band to engage your under-arm line, triceps, ribs and core. This workout also trains your intra-abdominal pressure to withstand gentle downward force a...