20 Minutes

20 Minutes

4 Seasons

The perfect length for a great workout, even when time is tight.

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20 Minutes
  • Healing + Activating Your Deep Core: 28 min.

    Episode 1

    Re-educating your entire core system, this foundational sequence sets you up for connected, integrated movement for the rest of your life. Working with breath based movements + the soft foam roller, we open your fascial systems, learn to engage + isolate your transversus abdominals, all while st...

  • Integrate Your Waist : 20 Min.

    Episode 2

    Revisit foundational principals of Connect and Repattern with a deepening awareness of your 3-dimensional breath.

  • Connect + Repattern : 20 min.

    Episode 3

  • Transverse Abdominal Strength + Stability : 22 Min.

    Episode 4

    Learn the essential foundation of your core, how to use breath to isolate and engage your TVA for strength + stability in your entire trunk. This sequence is essential for strengthening Diastasis Recti and is your launch pad to external core exercises like planks and sit ups.

  • Transverus Ab. + Glute Strength : 20 Min.

    Episode 5

    Taking TVA activation to the next level, we begin to integrate leg lifts + pelvic rotation stabilizing exercises. This workout is the linchpin for you leg + glute strength + retrains you to walk, climb stairs and run with stability and core connection.
    Props: 2 Yoga Blocks

  • Transverus Ab. + Rib Strength : 17 Min.

    Episode 6

    The next step in your TVA strength is this waist toning sequence. Through breath based guided moves, we begin to integrate resistance with the band to engage your under-arm line, triceps, ribs and core. This workout also trains your intra-abdominal pressure to withstand gentle downward force a...

  • All Phases: Restorative Yoga : 20 Min.

    Episode 7

    Enter a restorative practice that gently + deeply releases your shoulders, heart, hips + back while being guided in mindful meditation + soothing self awareness.
    Props: 2 Yoga Blocks

  • Waist + Rib Toning: 19 Min.

    Episode 8

    Using 3-dimensional breath and the soft pilates ball to re-balance intra-abdominal pressure, this sequence is the secret sauce to your entire core function and side waist strength.
    Props: Soft Pilates Ball

  • Side Body + 3-Dimensional Waist : 24 min.

    Episode 9

    This workout builds now-familiar soft foam rolling into a heightened awareness of your entire waist and rib cage. Using the band, we begin to increase the ability of your intra-abdominal muscles to regulate pressure and withstand strong abdominal contractions all while toning the glutes, arms + ...

  • Beginning Yoga Flow : 18 Min.

    Episode 10

    Perfect for newly post partum mamas, this gentle yoga flow leaves you feeling open + balanced while beginning to re-educate your movements through your center belly. Weaving together gentle sun salutes, shoulder opening, back rotations, standing poses + hip release, you'll feel open, relaxed + ...

  • Pelvic Floor, Hip + Low Back Release : 20 Min.

    Episode 11

    Open up your hips and low back with targeted soft foam rolling, fascial release, directed deep breathing and hip opening stretches. This is the perfect sequence to unwind your body from your day and prepare for sleep.
    Props : Soft foam roller

  • Video 2: Core stabilizing upper + lower body sculpting : 14 Min.

    Episode 12

    A breath based core engaging sequence that strength challenges your glutes, thighs, hamstring and upper body. This workout will leave you sore in all of the best ways. Exceptional for strengthening Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence.
    Props: Blue Resistance Band + Hand Weights

  • Video 1: Intra Abdominal Breath + Core Strength : 20 Min.

    Episode 13

    Rachel designed this workout to deeply re-educate your breathing and core activation for a strong waist and fully functional pelvic floor + diaphragm. This workout establishes your foundation for achieving a full recovery from conditions like incontinence and prolapse.
    Props: Blue pilates ball

  • ALL PHASE, Full Spectrum Core Strength w/ The Ball : 22 Min.

    Episode 14

    This workout will instantly become part of your weekly core wok. Rachel expertly guides you into increasingly challenging, 3-dimesnional core sculpting with the soft pilates ball. A floor based core education that will completely elevate and transform how you approach your ab work and yield re...