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Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

20 Minutes

Beginning Yoga Flow : 18 Min.


Up Next in Phase 1

  • Pelvic Floor, Hip + Low Back Release ...

    Open up your hips and low back with targeted soft foam rolling, fascial release, directed deep breathing and hip opening stretches. This is the perfect sequence to unwind your body from your day and prepare for sleep.
    Props : Soft foam roller

  • Video 2: Core stabilizing upper + low...

    A breath based core engaging sequence that strength challenges your glutes, thighs, hamstring and upper body. This workout will leave you sore in all of the best ways. Exceptional for strengthening Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence.
    Props: Blue Resistance Band + Hand Weights

  • Video 1: Intra Abdominal Breath + Cor...

    Rachel designed this workout to deeply re-educate your breathing and core activation for a strong waist and fully functional pelvic floor + diaphragm. This workout establishes your foundation for achieving a full recovery from conditions like incontinence and prolapse.
    Props: Blue pilates ball