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Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

Up Next in Week 7 : Back Bending

  • Day 3 + 4 : Part 2: Low Back, Waist...

    Building on Part 1, this workout leads you down into low back waist release, activation and complete burn out = sacrum pain relief and back strength that you can rely on all day in everything you do!
    Props: Light wrist weights and pilates ball

  • Day 5 : A Deep Internal Gaze Yoga Flo...

    No props needed for this blissfully grounding, hamstring + hip opening, yoga flow. A slower paced sequence that reveals your back, hip and hamstring relationship while igniting your abs on a brand new level. Perfect for these colder, pre-holiday frenetic days.

  • Day 6 + 7: Part 3, Strong Back + Core

    Part 3 of our back series, pulls all of the threads together with a little yoga, sculpting and shoulder/chest mobility for a 30-min. workout that will leave you feeling light, energized and ready to tackle the day.
    Props: pilates ball