⭐️ Phase 1 : 8 Week FOUNDATIONS, 360 Recovery + Strength ⭐️

⭐️ Phase 1 : 8 Week FOUNDATIONS, 360 Recovery + Strength ⭐️

8 Seasons

START HERE : 8 WEEKS that lead you from deep core recovery to dynamic workouts, the end to chronic mom tension and freedom in your body and life.

Pregnancy + Childbirth leave their marks on your body, but the daily physicality of Motherhood is where your body needs the most support. This 8-Week, full body program goes beyond healing your injuries and provides you with a step by step roadmap for Motherhood.

Unwinding chronic tension with the soft foam roller, breath-based core re-education and large muscle sculpting lead to a whole new way to live in and love your strong, healthy body.

Phase 1 addresses all common post natal injuries : diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence and scar tissue adhesions while training you safely and effectively to recover and re-integrate your core into your daily, functional life.

Repeat Phase 1 as frequently as needed. If you take a break in exercise, dip back in to kickstart your routine and return here regularly to infuse these foundational concepts into your athletic lifestyle.

PROPS USE IN PHASE 1 : Soft Foam Roller, Small Foot Ball + Resistance Band, ✨optional ✨ pilates ball + light hand weights

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⭐️ Phase 1 : 8 Week FOUNDATIONS, 360 Recovery + Strength ⭐️
  • Day 1 : Back Body Awakening + Integration

    Episode 1

    Rachel walks you through your awakening your back body with deep core and side body integration. Say good-buy to chronic back pain and hello to your new-found freedom and posture.
    Props: Soft foam roller and blue band

  • Day 2 : Back Strength + Mobility, Part 1

    Episode 2

    The first of this 3-part series releases your shoulder blades, engages your back waist and lats. Feel that cranky mom-shoulder release, be able to turn your head without pain and strength train your mid back so you can sit up with ease and freedom.
    Grab your roller + blue band

  • Day 3 + 4 : Part 2: Low Back, Waist + Rib Sculpt

    Episode 3

    Building on Part 1, this workout leads you down into low back waist release, activation and complete burn out = sacrum pain relief and back strength that you can rely on all day in everything you do!
    Props: Light wrist weights and pilates ball

  • Day 5 : A Deep Internal Gaze Yoga Flow, 37-Min.

    Episode 4

    No props needed for this blissfully grounding, hamstring + hip opening, yoga flow. A slower paced sequence that reveals your back, hip and hamstring relationship while igniting your abs on a brand new level. Perfect for these colder, pre-holiday frenetic days.

  • Day 6 + 7: Part 3, Strong Back + Core

    Episode 5

    Part 3 of our back series, pulls all of the threads together with a little yoga, sculpting and shoulder/chest mobility for a 30-min. workout that will leave you feeling light, energized and ready to tackle the day.
    Props: pilates ball