This Week

This Week

Take the guesswork out of your workout schedule. Follow along as Rachel curates unique selections that will keep you inspired, challenged + making consistent progress. This section changes weekly and includes newly released videos, a rotation of FREE workouts and will ensure that you are staying balanced in your workout routine by dipping into each Phase regularly.

This Week
  • FREE: Roll + Restore : Hip, Foot + Pelvic Release : 15 min.

    A sweet roller + yoga sequence that opens up your feet, hips and low back.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller + Mini Ball

  • NEW : Full Body Floor Sculpting

    Teaching you how to integrate your core actively and intentionally into your power muscles, this sculpting series will quickly improve your muscle tone while translating into better results from all of your favorite workouts.
    Props: Hand Weights + Soft Pilates Ball

  • NEW : Phase 2 Full Body Yoga Flow : 24 Min.

    With focused instruction on how to integrate your pelvic corridor strength, this sweet yoga flow builds through sun salutes, standing poses, increasing core + plank challenges, finishing with juicy shoulder, hip and and back opening.
    No Props.

  • Phase 2: Challenge Level 3: Bliss Hour : 60 Min.

    4 videos

    Enjoy stacking your favorite workouts together in one place for a full hour of bliss.
    Props: Roller