This Week

This Week

Take the guesswork out of your workout schedule. Follow along as Rachel curates unique selections that will keep you inspired, challenged + making consistent progress. This section changes weekly and includes newly released videos, a rotation of FREE workouts and will ensure that you are staying balanced in your workout routine by dipping into each Phase regularly.

This Week
  • FREE: Breaking Down The Vinyasa Tutorial : 6 Min.

    Learn how to grow your vinyasa practice step by step with strength, stability and flow. In this tutorial, Rachel breaks down each step of the vinyasa, from plank, to caturanga and upward facing dog, offering modifications so that you can build strength and flow over time.

  • NEW : Phase 3 Barre Full Body: 30 Min.

    Take this barre workout on the road with you as you layer on thigh, glute, ab, upper body and balance work for the perfect, full body workout.
    No Props

  • Phase 2: Breath for Abdominal Strength : 21 Min.

    This workout bridges you from deep, 3-dimensional breathing into learning how to use a breath to recruit sustained strength. Revisiting the concept of intra-abdominal pressure with the band, this sequence trains you for effective, core - based, cardio workouts.

  • All Phases: Foot Therapy : 9 min.

    This sequence is key to building happy, healthy, pain free feet. Using the soft ball, deep arch stretching, strengthening + mobilization, you can do this sequence as often as needed.
    Props: Soft Blue Ball