New + Notable

New + Notable

Take the guesswork out of your workout schedule. Follow along as Rachel curates unique selections that will keep you inspired, challenged + making consistent progress. This section changes frequently and includes newly released videos, a rotation of highlights, new programming, workout challenges and recorded Live Stream videos. 'New and Notable' ensures that you are staying balanced in your workout routine by dipping into each Phase regularly.

New + Notable
  • FREE + NEW : Phase 2 LIVE STREAM 10/12 12pm

    A fun flow of deep breath core activation, yoga flow and glute, ab and arm toning. Jump in and sweat it out!
    Props: Blue Resistance Band

  • NEW : Phase 2 : Full Body Sculpt : 18 Min.

    An exceptional floor workout infused with alignment instruction that engages your internal core with external waist, thigh, glute and arm toning. Active abs and waist tapering moves will change the way you access your core in everything you do, from pushing the stroller to your favorite bootcamp...

  • NEW : Phase 3 Barre Full Body: 30 Min.

    Take this barre workout on the road with you as you layer on thigh, glute, ab, upper body and balance work for the perfect, full body workout.
    No Props

  • Core Cardio : 26 Min.

    Using your core in cardio is essential for being able to move quickly + accurately while having fun with your workout and generating the best results. No Props needed for this spicy lung + heart pumping interval workout.

  • Roll + Restore : Grounding Your Mind + Body : 20 Min.

    Props: Soft foam roller
    Meditative breath work leads to a full body roller treatment + sweet savasana.