New + Notable

New + Notable

Take the guesswork out of your workout schedule. Follow along as Rachel curates unique selections that will keep you inspired, challenged + making consistent progress. This section changes frequently and includes newly released videos, a rotation of highlights, new programming, workout challenges and recorded Live Stream videos. 'New and Notable' ensures that you are staying balanced in your workout routine by dipping into each Phase regularly.

New + Notable
  • *FREE* THANKSGIVING LIVE STREAM : Vinyasa Yoga Flow: 34 Min.

    Anchor yourself as you enter the holiday of giving thanks in this poetry infused, full body yoga flow that will challenge your strength, open your lungs and prepare you for the season ahead. No props.

  • Holiday Playlist

    16 items

    Stay active this holiday season with Rachel's curated 14-day workout program. A carefully built, all phase, day by day schedule to keep you motivated, moving and having fun this holiday season. Just press play, get your workout in and get back to family time!

    PROPS : Most of these workouts ...

  • Rachel's Thursdays 10am Live Stream Workout Series

    4 items

    The perfect 30-Min. weekly workouts. Rachel mixes phases and teaches you how to move well, have fun, workout for best results and utilize the concepts of all 3 Phases of the RM Method. Join her every Thursday at 10am Est. and jump into for her monthly live Q+A to get your questions answered.

  • 12-Day Ab Challenge

    12 items

    Rachel curated this 12-Day Program to be the foundational anchor we ALL need to support your ongoing fitness and mom-lifestyle. It doesn't matter how long ago you gave birth, your core is the bedrock of your functional, happy, healthy body. Invite your partner to do it with you and take the Cor...

  • Diastasis Recti Strength and Repair

    8 items

    This 7-Video Workout Program is educational fitness at its best to empower you with the knowledge, tools and daily workout schedule to strengthen your middle belly and recover a fully functional, strong torso. Diastasis Recti Strength and Repair works in concert with your pelvic PT exercises and...

  • Intra-Abdominal Core Strength for Healing Prolapse + Incontinence

    2 items

    Designed to specifically target, educate, strengthen and heal urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, this 2-video series will deepen your understanding of how your breath + core function as a whole while training your major glute, thigh and core muscles to better operate in all of your d...