✨NEW✨ Spring Break on the Beach

✨NEW✨ Spring Break on the Beach

Grab your resistance band, pack a bag and hit the beach with Rachel's 4-part Spring Break series: yoga, sculpt, abs and cardio keep your whole body, mind and heart happy and ready to tackle your day.

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✨NEW✨ Spring Break on the Beach
  • Sunrise Yoga : 23 Min.

    The perfect way to start your day - at home or when you're traveling. Bring your body, breath and join Rachel for a sunrise yoga flow on the beaches of Puerto Rico.
    No Props

  • Lower Body Beach Sculpt : 20 Min.

    The perfect workout for your spring break, or to just feel like you're on spring break! Grab your blue band and join Rachel for a 360 lower body burn out!

  • ✨NEW✨ Upper Body Beach Burn, 17 Min.

    Light up your arms, chest and back while freeing your shoulders and neck for a day of sand castles and wave hopping.
    Props: Resistance band

  • ✨NEW✨ 360 Beach Abs, 16 Min.

    Deep internal ab activation layers into weighted sit ups, planks, side crunches and back extensions for a core burn that will ignite your mom-body and take your mind on a much needed vacation.
    No Props.