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Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

Watch this video and more on Revolution Motherhood

Up Next in Week 5 -6 : Cardio Sculpt

  • Week 5: Shoulder, Back + Upper Ab Sculpt

    Targeting those tricky upper body mom-muscles, this workout engages your breath, chest, back and shoulders, optimizing mobility, strength and breakthrough strength in your trunk and freedom in your mom-life. You'll want to do this one on repeat.
    Props: Blue Band

  • Week 6: Cardio + Sculpt Intervals

    Bringing together all of the threads with interval plyometrics (jumps), balance, cardio and sculpting. You'll be panting for breath as we laugh through a magic workout together.
    Props: Pilates Ball (optional)

  • Week 6 : Cardio Burn + Sculpt

    The best 20 min. of your day to completely recharge, reset and energize you. This spicy workout begins with a light full body warm up, layers intensity with dynamic jump squats, mountain climbers, push ups and heart pumping cardio - with booty and ab sculpt intervals sprinkled in for the perfect ...