Phase 2

Phase 2

3 Seasons

Phase Two is Revolution Motherhood’s secret sauce. Unlike anything else in the postnatal fitness world, Phase Two is the bridge you need to move beyond subtle, internal work into training for higher-intensity workouts. Through increasing intensity, learn how to integrate your deep core awareness into strength and stamina challenges. Planks, sit ups and push ups begin to enter your workouts - all taught so that you can navigate your body's personal needs and injury modifications.

All the workouts in Phase 2 are sorted into challenge levels : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Healing + fitness are personal, so this Phase is specifically designed to continue guiding your step by step in your fitness journey, while giving you space to pace yourself. Begin with Challenge Level 1 and work your way through Levels 2 + 3. Remember that your recovery is never linear and that you may find yourself wanting to circle back to Phase 1 or move between challenge levels in Phase 2. The point is to enjoy establishing your fitness lifestyle and to begin to choose workouts that meet your body, mind and mom-life needs daily.

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Phase 2
  • Integrated Abdominal Flow : 20 Min.

    Episode 1

    This flow fuses a light yoga flow with soft foam roller abdominal activation, planks, sit ups and back strengthening for the perfect combination of intermediate ab strengthening.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller

  • Heart Opening Yoga Flow : 23 Min.

    Episode 2

    A full body yoga flow infused with shoulder + heart opening sequences, woven together with active vinyasas and restorative lengthening.
    No Props.

  • Day 3: Cardio Yoga : 21 Min.

    Episode 3

    Deepening your core-based breathing education, we begin to spark up your cardio through an active yoga flow, mountain climbers, and focused alignment instruction.
    No Props

  • Bring It All Together : 28 Min.

    Episode 4

    No Props needed as we prepare for Phase 3 with this full body strength training yoga flow.

  • Lower body Yoga Flow : 25 Min.

    Episode 5

    With a focus on grounding your mind with strong standing poses, active sit ups and back bends, your day will be transformed after this workout.
    No props.

  • Upper Body Yoga Flow : 25 Min.

    Episode 6

    No Props needed for this Phase 2, full body yoga flow with extra arm, back and shoulder toning.

  • Core Flow : 39 Min.

    Episode 7

    No Props needed for this full body, core challenging yoga flow. Includes some jumping, shoulder stand and wraps up with a long, deep forward bending sequence and calming meditation.

  • Play with Practice : 45 Min.

    Episode 8

    No props needed for this bridge to Phase 3 Yoga Flow.
    Includes optional inversions.

  • Phase 2 Full Body Yoga Flow : 24 Min.

    Episode 9

    With focused instruction on how to integrate your pelvic corridor strength, this sweet yoga flow builds through sun salutes, standing poses, increasing core + plank challenges, finishing with juicy shoulder, hip and and back opening.
    No Props.