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Day 1: Assessing Your Midline Strengh

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Day 1: Understanding Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti Strength and Repair • 5m 44s

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  • Day 1: Assessing Your Midline Strengh

    Rachel guides you step by step in opening up your back, relaxing with deep belly breaths and isolating your Transversus Abdominals in order to get the best and most accurate measurement of your DR 'gap'.
    Props: Optional Soft Foam Roller

  • Day 4 + 5 : Transverse Abdominal Stre...

    Learn the essential foundation of your core, how to use breath to isolate and engage your TVA for strength + stability in your entire trunk. This sequence is essential for strengthening Diastasis Recti and is your launch pad to external core exercises like planks and sit ups.

  • Day 5 + 6 : Glute + Core Strength Int...

    Establish strong and lifted glutes with this fun, focused sequence that will challenge your balance and re-educate your core strength and stamina. This is an excellent workout for strengthening diastasis recti, lifting your booty and building up to phase 2 exercises link plank and mountain climb...