4 Seasons

The Revolution Motherhood RUNNING CLUB is a 21-Day, Step by Step guide to establishing and building your lifelong running practice. Whether you were always a runner and are looking for how to begin again or you're curious and want to learn how to run for the first time ever. Safely integrate healthy cardio into your mom lifestyle and have fun getting into great shape for the summer with the RM Community! Don't forget to follow @revolutionmotherhood on Instagram to personally ask Rachel your questions and feel the hands on your back from all the other RM Mamas :

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2. Do your warm up video
3. Follow your daily running schedule
4. Do your cool down video
5. Follow your cross training video schedule

  • Week 3 Schedule

    Episode 1

  • COOL DOWN : Upper Back and Neck

    Episode 2

    A sweet chest and upper back release post run.

  • WARM UP : Legs, feet + calves

    Episode 3

    Open up your 360 leg muscles before you head out on your run.

  • Pelvic Floor, Hip + Low Back Release : 20 Min.

    Episode 4

    Open up your hips and low back with targeted soft foam rolling, fascial release, directed deep breathing and hip opening stretches. This is the perfect sequence to unwind your body from your day and prepare for sleep.
    Props : Soft foam roller

  • 1/19 Vinyasa Yoga Flow , 33 Min.

    Episode 5

    No Props needed for a spicy 30-min Yoga Flow, w/ Rachel's special mix of cardio, sculpting and classic vinyasa.

  • Full Body Shred + Sculpt, 24 Min

    Episode 6

    A long, lean, full body sculpting series that will leave you panting for breath. Building from the ground up, Rachel slowly shreds your abs, arms, glutes and thighs while pumping you full of inspiration and endorphins!
    Props: Hand weights + small towel