30 Minutes

30 Minutes

3 Seasons

A full 30-minutes of workout time. Go get it Mama!

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30 Minutes
  • Day 5 : A Deep Internal Gaze Yoga Flow, 37-Min.

    Episode 1

    No props needed for this blissfully grounding, hamstring + hip opening, yoga flow. A slower paced sequence that reveals your back, hip and hamstring relationship while igniting your abs on a brand new level. Perfect for these colder, pre-holiday frenetic days.

  • Week 7: Long + Lean' Lower Body

    Episode 2

    Welcome to Rachel's Sculpting Series. Lower body focused, burn out your glutes, abs + thighs with this body weight-only workout.
    No Props

  • Week 8: Upper Abs, Waist + Shoulder Sculpt

    Episode 3

    Join Rachel for a upper body focused sculpting workout - streaming live from her outdoor, nature oasis in upstate NY.
    Optional props: Bala Bands or light hand weights

  • Week 8: Full Body Barre + Sculpt

    Episode 4

    Grab your light weights or Bala Bands and meet Rachel at the barre (or outside on her deck) for this full-body barre + sculpt. You will sweat, breathe and be sore for a few days....have fun!

  • Week 3: The Secrets of Yoga, Part 3, Standing Poses

    Episode 5

    Dive into standing poses + learn how to orient your feet and pelvis for optimal strength and length. Protect your knees and strengthen your hips, inner thighs and waist while beginning to flow from open to closed poses with ease.

    Props: Soft foam roller