30 Minutes

30 Minutes

3 Seasons

A full 30-minutes of workout time. Go get it Mama!

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30 Minutes
  • Core Cardio : 26 Min.

    Episode 1

    Using your core in cardio is essential for being able to move quickly + accurately while having fun with your workout and generating the best results. No Props needed for this spicy lung + heart pumping interval workout.

  • Core Flow : 39 Min.

    Episode 2

    Beginning to bridge into Phase 3, this full body, core challenging yoga flow will challenge you to move into new realms of your practice. Includes some jumping, shoulder stand and wraps up with a long, deep forward bending sequence and calming meditation.
    No Props.

  • Upper Body Sculpt + Flow : 25 Min.

    Episode 3

    A full body yoga + sculpt flow with extra arm, back and shoulder toning.
    No Props.

  • Lower body Yoga Flow : 25 Min.

    Episode 4

    With a focus on grounding your mind with strong standing poses, active sit ups, glute toning and back bends. Your day will be transformed after this workout.
    No props.

  • Bring It All Together : 28 Min.

    Episode 5

    No Props needed as we prepare for Phase 3 with this full body strength training yoga flow.

  • Back Strength and Extension : 28 Min.

    Episode 6

    Backbending is a full core extension. It requires multiple muscle groups to engage and work together simultaneously. Take your core strength to the next level as you prepare to move into the advanced stages of Phase 2.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller