30 Minutes

30 Minutes

3 Seasons

A full 30-minutes of workout time. Go get it Mama!

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30 Minutes
  • Connect and Repattern : 32 min.

    Episode 1

  • Healing + Activating Your Deep Core: 28 min.

    Episode 2

    This is the workout that orients your entire core system and sets you up for connected, integrated movement for the rest of your life. Working with breath based movements + the soft foam roller, we open your fascial systems, learn to engage + isolate your transversus abdominals while strength ch...

  • Turn on Your Butt : 23 min.

    Episode 3

    Revisit the concepts of Connect + Repattern while layering in your glute strength.

  • Tone Your Arms, Release Your Shoulders : 29 min.

    Episode 4

    Continue to integrate the principals of Connect + Repattern while learning to care for your wrists, relax your shoulders and neck, + awaken your upper back + rib cage strength.

  • Find Your Waist : 26 Min.

    Episode 5

    This workout begins to prepare you for Phase 2 by continuing to reinforce the deep core principals of Connect + Repattern while adding the resistance band to your glute and side waist toning. Fusing yoga flow, squats and introducing plank rotations, this is the pay off you've been working so har...

  • Activating + Toning Your Glutes : 23 min.

    Episode 6

    This workout transforms your ability to engage your entire butt muscle system while teaching you to release the most common compensation patterns of tight hip flexors, obliques and groin muscles. Drawing on the powerful combination of your core/glute relationship, you will lengthen your tight ha...