Phase 2

Phase 2

3 Seasons

Phase Two is Revolution Motherhood’s secret sauce. Unlike anything else in the postnatal fitness world, Phase Two is the bridge you need to move beyond subtle, internal work into training for higher-intensity workouts. Through increasing intensity, learn how to integrate your deep core awareness into strength and stamina challenges. Planks, sit ups and push ups begin to enter your workouts - all taught so that you can navigate your body's personal needs and injury modifications.

All the workouts in Phase 2 are sorted into challenge levels : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Healing + fitness are personal, so this Phase is specifically designed to continue guiding your step by step in your fitness journey, while giving you space to pace yourself. Begin with Challenge Level 1 and work your way through Levels 2 + 3. Remember that your recovery is never linear and that you may find yourself wanting to circle back to Phase 1 or move between challenge levels in Phase 2. The point is to enjoy establishing your fitness lifestyle and to begin to choose workouts that meet your body, mind and mom-life needs daily.

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Phase 2
  • Challenge Level 2 Schedule

    Episode 1

    Your Phase 2, Challenge Level 2 Recommended Schedule

  • Twisting From Your Core : 23 Min.

    Episode 2

    Using the band and soft foam roller, learn how to integrate your transversus abdominals with your external abs to taper and form your waist.

  • Core Cardio : 26 Min.

    Episode 3

    Using your core in cardio is essential for being able to move quickly + accurately while having fun with your workout and generating the best results. No Props needed for this spicy lung + heart pumping interval workout.

  • Whole Core Yoga Flow : 20 Min.

    Episode 4

    A sweet, whole body vinyasa flow, full of precise instruction to lead you into hip opening, neck + shoulder release while infusing each pose with strong core integration, supported sit ups, glute and thigh toning. The perfect flow to reset your whole day.
    No Props.

  • Back Strength and Extension : 28 Min.

    Episode 5

    Backbending is a full core extension. It requires multiple muscle groups to engage and work together simultaneously. Take your core strength to the next level as you prepare to move into the advanced stages of Phase 2.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller

  • Rib Strength + Stability : 12 Min

    Episode 6

    Activate your ribs and diaphragm through breath and resistance band training that builds into full rolling sit ups and back release therapy. This is an essential core sequence for re-learning how to us your entire waist as a complete system of strength and functional movement that also releases ...

  • Full Body Sculpt : 18 Min.

    Episode 7

    An exceptional floor workout infused with alignment instruction that engages your internal core with external waist, thigh, glute and arm toning. Active abs and waist tapering moves will change the way you access your core in everything you do, from pushing the stroller to your favorite bootcamp...

  • Full Body Floor Sculpt : 22 min.

    Episode 8

    The perfect floor sculpting series, Using body weight only, you will tone your abs, glutes, thighs, arms while Rachel guides you into optimal positioning for the best results.
    No Props

  • Shoulder, Back + Upper Ab Sculpt, Phase 2, 11 Min.

    Episode 9

    Targeting those tricky upper body mom-muscles, this workout engages your breath, chest, back and shoulders, optimizing mobility, strength and breakthrough strength in your trunk and freedom in your mom-life. You'll want to do this one on repeat.
    Props: Blue Band

  • ✨NEW✨ A Deep Internal Gaze Yoga Flow : Phase 2

    Episode 10

    No props needed for this blissfully grounding, hamstring opening, yoga flow. A slower paced sequence that reveals your back, hip and hamstring relationship while igniting your abs in a brand new level. Perfect for these colder, pre-holiday frenetic days.