Holiday Playlist

Holiday Playlist

Stay active this holiday season with Rachel's curated 14-day workout program. A carefully built, all phase, day by day schedule to keep you motivated, moving and having fun this holiday season. Just press play, get your workout in and get back to family time!

PROPS : Most of these workouts are prop-free, so easy to fit in wherever you are. If you're traveling, throw your resistance band in your bag (or use a scarf or do the exercises without the band). You'll also see 2 optional soft foam roller videos (skip the roller if you don't have it) and a throw pillow can sub in for the squishy pilates ball when needed.

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Holiday Playlist
  • Day 1: Morning Yoga Flow : 12 Min.

    Start your day with intention, breath and a sweet, full body yoga flow. Meet your emotional, mental and physical mom-needs with this 12-min, all Phase yoga flow. It's the perfect start to your day.
    No Props.

  • Day 2: Glute Burnout : 20 Min.

    Burn out your glutes with standing + floor work woven into a light yoga flow.
    Props: Resistance band

  • Day 3: Cardio Yoga : 21 Min.

    Deepening your core-based breathing education, we begin to spark up your cardio through an active yoga flow, mountain climbers, and focused alignment instruction.
    No Props

  • Day 4: Roll + Restore Hips, Back + Pelvis : 11 Min.

    Soft foam rolling + deep breathing practices merge into light stretching that opens your pelvis, hips, back, neck and shoulders. This is a perfect cool down sequence or for unwinding at the end of a long day.
    Props: Soft Foam Roller

  • Day 5: Phase 2: Whole Core Yoga Flow : 20 Min.

    A sweet, whole body vinyasa flow, full of precise instruction to lead you into hip opening, neck + shoulder release while infusing each pose with strong core integration, supported sit ups, glute and thigh toning. The perfect flow to reset your whole day.
    No Props.

  • Day 6: Barre Full Body: 30 Min.

    Take this barre workout on the road with you as you layer on thigh, glute, ab, upper body and balance work for the perfect, full body workout.
    No Props

  • Day 7: Full Body Yoga Flow : 20 Min.

    No Props needed for this full body, sweet, sweaty vinyasa flow that will open your hips, heart and mind.

  • Day 8: Strength Builder Glutes : 13 min.

    Now that your glutes can turn on, let's burn them out.
    No Props.

  • Day 9: Strength Builder Yoga : 13 min.

    A sweet morning Sun Salute flow that gently warms and opens your body for the day. This is an excellent sequence to begin integrating your Phase 1 muscle awareness into larger, full body movements with visits to plan and full vinyasas.
    No Props.

  • Day 9: Roll + Restore for neck, shoulder + back : 15 Min.

    Relieve neck and shoulder pain with this targeted sequence that opens the circumference of your rib cage, shoulder girdle and neck muscles.
    Props : Soft foam roller + blue band

  • Day 10: Lower Body Sculpt + Yoga Flow : 23 Min.

    Sculpt, tone + ground yourself in this thigh burner yoga flow. Integrating long muscle toning moves with isolated core sequences, this is a perfect full body burn out that leaves you lengthened, relaxed and energerized.
    Props: Optional 1-Yoga Block

  • Day 11: Evening Yoga Flow : 22 Min.

    The perfect transitional flow to move from work to family and bedtime. Slow flow with long deep stretching, hip opening and savasana.
    No Props.

  • Day 12: Signature Full Body 35 Min.

    No props needed for this soulful, full body sweat fest. Yoga flow, mountain climbers, push ups and sit ups come together for the perfect, mom-loving workout.

  • Day 13: Phase 3 : Glute Flow : 20 Min.

    Layered glute toning sequences knit together with simple yoga flows to hit all 3 major butt muscles. Get ready to burn it out!
    Props: Resistance Band

  • Day 14: Full Body Signature Sculpt : 20 Min

    The perfect full body workout to fit into your day. Long, lean muscle toning begins with warming up your glutes, core and thighs on the ground and builds into a vinyasa yoga flow with pushups, active abs and standing thigh sculpting.
    Props: Soft Pilates Ball

  • *Bonus* Confidence Building Meditation : 9 min.

    Guided breath and visualization infused with soft foam rolling to build confidence and ground your mind, heart and lungs.
    Props : Optional soft foram roller