*NEW* Summer Lovin'

*NEW* Summer Lovin'

All you need is your body and blue resistance band. Pack your bags and enjoy your summer travels while staying strong, connected and happy!

*NEW* Summer Lovin'
  • Glute + Thigh Sculpting : 12 Min.

    A quick, focused burnout for your thighs and booty with an abdominal topper that leaves you feeling strong and connected.
    Props: Blue Resistance Band

  • Sit up Series : 9 Min.

    No Props to burn out your 6-pack with this long, lean, sit-up series.

  • Strength Builder Thighs : 9 min.

    Build strength in your thighs + core with kneeling + lunging sequences that burn you out. This is an exceptional sequence for beginning to integrate your TVA + deep core stability.
    No Props.

  • Core Cardio : 26 Min.

    Using your core in cardio is essential for being able to move quickly + accurately while having fun with your workout and generating the best results. No Props needed for this spicy lung + heart pumping interval workout.

  • Strength Builder Glutes : 13 min.

    Now that your glutes can turn on, let's burn them out.
    No Props.

  • Evening Yoga Flow : 22 Min.

    The perfect transitional flow to move from work to family and bedtime. Slow flow with long deep stretching, hip opening and savasana.
    No Props.

  • Upper Body Sculpt + Flow : 20 Min.

    This Phase 3 workout begins with a long ab, glute and arm sequence on the floor, then builds quickly into some light yoga flow that finishes with cardio bursts for the perfect 20 - min. workout.

  • Barre Full Body: 30 Min.

    Take this barre workout on the road with you as you layer on thigh, glute, ab, upper body and balance work for the perfect, full body workout.
    No Props

  • Transverse Abdominal Strength + Stability : 22 Min.

    Learn the essential foundation of your core, how to use breath to isolate and engage your TVA for strength + stability in your entire trunk. This sequence is essential for strengthening Diastasis Recti and is your launch pad to external core exercises like planks and sit ups.