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Side Body + 3-Dimensional Waist : 24 min.

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Up Next in Week 4

  • Side Body + 3-Dimensional Waist : 24 ...

    This workout builds now-familiar soft foam rolling into a heightened awareness of your entire waist and rib cage. Using the band, we begin to increase the ability of your intra-abdominal muscles to regulate pressure and withstand strong abdominal contractions all while toning the glutes, arms + ...

  • Find Your Waist : 26 Min.

    This workout begins to prepare you for Phase 2 by continuing to reinforce the deep core principals of Connect + Repattern while adding the resistance band to your glute and side waist toning. Fusing yoga flow, squats and introducing plank rotations, this is the pay off you've been working so har...

  • Strength Builder Yoga : 13 min.

    A sweet morning Sun Salute flow that gently warms and opens your body for the day. This is an excellent sequence to begin integrating your Phase 1 muscle awareness into larger, full body movements.
    No Props.