Movement Tutorials

Movement Tutorials

Join Rachel as she breaks down some of the most common moves like vinyasa + lunging from down dog.

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Movement Tutorials
  • Yoga Tutorial : Lunging to and from Down Dog : 5 Min.

    This yoga tutorial will transform your yoga practice and the ease you feel when lunging to and from downward facing dog. Be guided step by step into how to engage your entire body + abdominal muscles so that your lunging feels smooth and easeful.
    Optional Props: 2 Yoga Blocks

  • Breaking Down The Vinyasa Tutorial : 6 Min.

    Learn how to grow your vinyasa practice step by step with strength, stability and flow. In this tutorial, Rachel breaks down each step of the vinyasa, from plank, to caturanga and upward facing dog, offering modifications so that you can build strength and flow over time.

  • Achieving Leg & Hip Alignment (and why it matters)

  • Reclaiming the Almighty Sit-Up : 7 Min.

    Ready to get better results from your core workouts? Watch as Rachel breaks down how to internally stabilize and then isolate your rectus abdominus (aka your 6-pack). You'll love sit ups after this video + especially exceptional part of healing + strengthening diastasis recti.
    Props: Blue Roller

  • Introduction to Diastasis Recti Program *FREE*

    Learn about the anatomy and condition of Diastais Recti. Rachel's ground breaking approach will guide you, step by step, to accurately asses the strength of your abdominal wall and personalize your strength and recovery program.