10 Minutes

10 Minutes

4 Seasons

These workouts are short, to the point and are excellent for tacking together or doing on their own.

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10 Minutes
  • Strength Builder Glutes : 13 min.

    Episode 1

    Now that your glutes can turn on, let's burn them out.
    No Props.

  • Strength Builder Thighs : 9 min.

    Episode 2

    Build strength in your thighs + core with kneeling + lunging sequences that burn you out. This is an exceptional sequence for beginning to integrate your TVA + deep core stability.
    No Props.

  • Strength Builder Yoga : 13 min.

    Episode 3

    A sweet morning Sun Salute flow that gently warms and opens your body for the day. This is an excellent sequence to begin integrating your Phase 1 muscle awareness into larger, full body movements with visits to plan and full vinyasas.
    No Props.

  • Strength Builder Abs : 10 min.

    Episode 4

    Learn how to engage your entire abdominal wall and perform a sit-up that is effective, yield the toning results you want and is highly effective for strengthening diastasis recti. This series builds essential strength that transitions your workouts from rehabilitative exercise into the more acti...

  • Anxiety Reduction : 9 min.

    Episode 5

    Deep, grounding, body centric breathing, rolling and thought repatterning. The perfect bedtime routine to release the day and prepare for sleep.
    Props: Soft foam roller

  • Confidence Building Meditation : 9 min.

    Episode 6

    Guided breath and visualization infused with soft foam rolling to build confidence and ground your mind, heart and lungs.
    Props : Optional soft foram roller

  • Hand Therapy : 12 Min.

    Episode 7

    This sequence is tailored for a mom's tired, painful wrists and hands. We begin with the soft ball to facilitate fascial hydration and soothe achy joints and nerves, followed up by deep stretching. Do this sequence as often as needed.
    Props: Soft Blue Ball

  • Foot Therapy : 9 min.

    Episode 8

    This sequence is key to building happy, healthy, pain free feet. Using the soft ball, deep arch stretching, strengthening + mobilization, you can do this sequence as often as needed.
    Props: Soft Blue Ball

  • Glute + Thigh Activation : 10 Min.

    Episode 9

    Squats, pelvic mobility and single leg presses build to strengthen your entire lower body with ease and core integration. This sequence builds your foundational strength essential for all of the time you spend on your feet.
    Props: 1 Yoga Block

  • Glute + Core Strength Integration : 10 Min.

    Episode 10

    Establish strong and lifted glutes with this fun, focused sequence that will challenge your balance and re-educate your core strength and stamina. This is an excellent workout for strengthening diastasis recti, lifting your booty and building up to phase 2 exercises link plank and mountain climb...